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Course Curriculum for Bachelor of Laws, LL.B

Bachelor of Laws, LL.B (Hons)

Total Semesters: 08

Total Credit Hours: 140

Total Course Period: 06 Months ´ 08 = 04 Years (48 Months)

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1st Semester20 credits5th Semester16 credits
LAW-1101JurisprudenceLAW-3101Business Law
LAW-1102Law of ContractLAW-3102Land Laws of Bangladesh
LAW-1103Law of Torts and Consumer ProtectionLAW-3103Criminology
LAW-1104Muslim LawLAW-3104Law of Media & Information Communication Technology
LAW-1105Bengali Language and Literature6th Semester20 credits
2nd Semester20 creditsLAW-3201Environmental laws of Bangladesh
LAW-1201Hindu & Christian Personal LawsLAW-3202Law of Evidence
LAW-1202Law of Labor RelationsLAW-3203Law of Crimes
LAW-1203Legal and Constitutional History of BangladeshLAW-3204Law of Specific Relief, Limitation, Registration and Public Demand Recovery
LAW-1204Public International LawLAW-3205Viva- Voce
LAW-1205Viva- Voce7th Semester16 credits
3rd Semester16 creditsLAW-4101Interpretation of Statutes and General Clauses Act
LAW-2101Constitutional Law of BangladeshLAW-4102Law of Civil Procedure
LAW-2102Constitutional Law of UK, USA and IndiaLAW-4103Law Criminal Procedure-I
LAW-2103Equity and Law of TrustLAW-4104Professional Ethics and Trial Advocacy
LAW-2104Law of Succession (All major personal laws)8th Semester20 credits
4th Semester20 creditsLAW-4201Law of Criminal Procedure-II
LAW-2201Administrative LawLAW-4202Practice Aspects of Civil and Criminal Justice
LAW-2202Law of Transfer of PropertyLAW-4203Alternative Dispute Resolution and Legal Aid
LAW-2203Law of TaxationLAW-4204Legal Research and Writing
LAW-2204Company Law and Artha Rin Adalat AinLAW-4205Viva- Voce
LAW-2205Viva- Voce

Practice Aspects of Civil and Criminal Justice

Group A: Civil Courts Act and CRO
Group B: Criminal Rules and Orders
Group C: Conveyancing and Drafting