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Rules & Regulations

Commencement of the Program: Each new Program will commence Summer, and Fall semester every year.

Definition of Credit:

  • 1 theory credit =20 hours (lecture/tutorial)
  • 1 practical credit =25 hours of (Assignment /field practices/project report and others as decided by the competent authority)

Medium of instruction: English

Methods of teaching/learning: Class Lecture, Small group work using modern multimedia tool, Tutorials, Practical, Group discussion, Group or individual presentation/seminar, Assignment/ individual work, community visit, Internship.

Course Dispensing System: Number of Courses covering 18-24 credits will be dispensed in each semester.

Examination and Evaluation System: Examination and evaluation will be Course based. For each Course a continuous evaluation (termed as ‘Formative Assessment’) will be carried out by the Course-In- Charge through class performance, in-course assignments or any other process as per her/his decision. At the end of each Course an ‘End-Course Assessment’ will be made through an examination process conducted by two Examiners, one Internal and one External. In case of difference of more than 20% marks between the two examiners there will be a third examiner. Marks of nearest two examiners will be averaged out as final marks. Final result of the Course will be computed from the results of the two examinations (Formative Assessment and End-Course Examination).

The Course-In-Charge will be the Internal Examiner for the respective Course and the External Examiner will be appointed by the Dean, chosen from within a Panel approved by the Academic Council following a recommendation of the respective Faculty based on a proposal by the Academic Committee of the Departments.

Type of Tests: Formative Assessment

End-Course Assessment: Written Tests, Oral, Practical including Assignment, Seminar Presentation, Project Report, Field Practice[Written tests for End-Course Examination will consist of MCQ/Short/Long type of questions].

Duration of Examination and Raw Marks:

  • For Formative Assessment the Course-In-Charge will decide.
  • For End course Examinations: Duration of written examination and raw marks for a course will be based on number of credits of a course as follows:
  • For a one credit course: duration- one hour: 40 marks
  • For a 2 credit course : duration -2 hours; 60 marks
  • For a course of 3 or more credits: duration-3 hours; 100 marks