The importance of law education is very high for establishing the rule of law in the country and creating responsible citizens. Knowledge of law is also required for justice and social and economic balance in the country. The main goal and objective of law education is to help to protect the legal rights of the people, to make efficient lawyers, law-experts and judges; creating people with high qualifications, advanced character, intelligence and knowledge who, a) will be able to uphold the ideals of rule of law and justice; b) will be able to enrich the knowledge of domestic and international law; c) will establish the standard of professional skills and ethics; d) will be able to reform and improve the law and justice system and be able to reconcile law education and its practical practice with the new needs of our changing society. As a law student it is intellectually challenging, and the most rewarding, educational experience of one’s life. The knowledge and skills one gains over the curriculum of law forms the foundation of his legal career. By joining us here as a student of Law at First Capital University of Bangladesh, one can ensure that the foundation he/she builds will support his/her professional goals, whatever he/she may be. Welcome to the romancing journey of your youth in the Law Department of First Capital University of Bangladesh, the seat of higher education located in the heart of the secluded, beautiful city of Chuadanga to ensure up-to-date knowledge and professional assurance in tandem with the changing and advancing society and the world.


Our mission is to cultivate knowledge, offer high-quality education, and encourage academic research among FCUB faculty. We strive to shape students into skilled professionals in their fields.


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