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Likely being the best-stocked diving shop in the UK, at Underwater Explorers we offer in-store scuba diving equipment advice and sales, as well as gas fills, to locals and visitors (read About Us). We’re located on the Isle of Portland (in Dorset) because Portland has been one of the most popular scuba diving locations in the United Kingdom even before we set up operations here back in the year 2000. Designed for readability, the Scubapro Luna SMB AI Support Platform 2.0 AI dive computer with a large, high-contrast display screen and bright LED backlight supports air and 3-gas nitrox dives. The Smart+ Pro transmitter enables you to monitor tank pressure easily, providing true remaining bottom time and allows your air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation. Groundbreaking technology in 3D augmented reality opens up new possibilities for the fashion and apparel industry sectors.

The solution allows employees to manage customer service cases, track previous cases and view analytics to ensure customers receive the best experience. Optimising the employee experience is key, and modern digital capabilities hold enormous power when it comes to easing workloads and improving experiences. Many SMBs could do more with their digital strategies to better suit the needs of their employees. For example, when remote work was mandated, many businesses rolled out off-the-shelf video-conferencing software but have since stalled in optimising hybrid work arrangements. Whenever simple solutions are shoe-horned into environments to address scenarios and processes they were never designed to handle, the job completed is mediocre at best. The reality is that the minimum 20 licenses for Enterprise is not really a factor for a decent size SMB.

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Das 200 para lá may be a simplistic interpretation of what Nogueira saw as an affront by the US, an imperial power that was trying to protect its economic interests to the detriment of Brazilians. He may have considered the US position as an insult to Brazil as a whole, and not a matter that concerned solely the military. He probably did not consider the legal background of the 200nm claim, but he certainly thought Brazil was in the right to insist in its claim. Buying consortia often requires some effort and resources to set up, so make sure that your master agreement with suppliers and other members of the consortium is legally airtight.

They’ll make sure you are up and running in no time with the minimum of fuss. We have honed our on-boarding process to make it a hands-off and painless process. We take away the burden of managing IT so you can concentrate on running your business. Create a better working environment – 51% of automation initiatives in 2023 were taken to boost employee efficiency. When employees are relieved of mundane, repetitive tasks, they can engage in more meaningful work.

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It is worth mentioning at this stage that in extending the functionality, especially with tools such as CRM, many businesses choose to integrate with the enterprise apps. The level of implementation can cause a block to this, which is why Microsoft have created the “Small business” versions of customer service and sales – pre-built versions of the enterprise apps with the core functionality included. As well as having a wide range of capability, Business Central is designed to be flexible in the way it is setup for a wide range of business processes. If you need extra features, the solution is designed to be extended or integrated with; this used to be a potential problem for upgrading but with the latest technology the impact to upgrades is minimal. You can use as much or little of the functionality as you need, but with the benefit of knowing the solution has the extra capability as and when you need it. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a market leading set of business software solutions that suits such a wide range of sizes and types that it can be difficult to understand which Dynamics product suits your company.

Another financial benefit of the cloud is that hardware maintenance and software updates are all carried out off-premise and are the responsibility of the cloud supplier. This means that IT departments can make significant reductions on their maintenance SMB AI Support Platform outgoings. The Basic Package includes up to 2 hours of targeted research, the Advanced Package provides up to 4 hours of in-depth research, and the Premium Package includes up to 8 hours of comprehensive analysis and strategy development.

Allied Telesis and TD SYNNEX forge a powerful new partnership

With that in mind, SMBs need to be aware of the various ways that they can use the cloud to enhance their organisation. First of all, companies must assess whether a public, private, or hybrid cloud approach is the right way to go. The public cloud relies on third-party suppliers which usually offer a number of benefits, but also come with added security risks. Increasingly, SMBs are turning towards hybrid cloud platforms that look to encapsulate the benefits of both the public and private cloud ecosystems.


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